Care & Handling of Sterntaler Bakery Products

Storage and Freshness

Sterntaler Bakery Stollen can last for a very long time if stored correctly. We do not use any preservatives when we bake, so it is even more amazing that our Stollen can stay fresh for at least 12 weeks. Stollen also freezes well for up to one month.

Generally, once opened, Stollen should be kept wrapped in plastic and out of direct sunlight. Store it somewhere where it is NO WARMER than room temperature (approx. 75 degrees Fahrenheit). Stollen should keep fresh for at least 12 weeks.

Top Ingredients

We use only the highest quality select ingredients to bake Stollen. We do not use any artificial preservatives or additives.

Sterntaler Bakery Stollen is made with the finest ingredients. We believe in baking with only the best ingredients – if you put the best things in, then you also get the best results – of course you have to be a very skilled German Master Baker to actually get the results!